Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ford GT40, A-TEAM, Nissan Skyline R32

all collectors know the name of the casting for this car..heheeee... so I just wanted to share my haul for this month.. ;)
In Malaysia most collectors like to collect Japanese cars. I already collected nissan and mitsubishi evolution X. (still not completed for this casting).. So to get all these series a little bit difficult (for me laa). I'm quite lucky because of the help of my friends who bought this casting..

from top pics is Ford GT40 (also collect GT40), A-TEAM & Nissan Skyline R32 teal..
2nd top pic, sweet rods skyline & TH$ skyline with variation card..only variation card..nothing special.. if u see the sweet rods, the casting very superb detail with tampo carbon fibre on hood..printed 'skyline' on wing..white stripe and race deco on interior and china base..very love this casting..for the TH$ skyline with cooper color & metalflake silver..

 below is super street series skyline green and red with yellow, orange & red flames on sides and interior and malaysia base..

as usual slowly want to complete this casting (dont rushing).. hope will be complete soon.. hope u guys enjoy with my pics :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


here i show the casting of my favorite 65 VOLKSWAGEN FASTBACK...
enjoy guys...

When i take pictures for this car. I feel excited.. Because the tempo on the car stand out..Very cool tempo & awesome car..
The ’65 Volkswagen Fastback is finished in metalflake green. Here are the details - Brazil deco on hood, roof and sides, Real Riders® five-spoke wheels w/gold hubs, Full-metal, zinc-plated chassis, Light blue-tinted windshield and Blue interior
many thanks to mr RGSUKAN because sell his own collection to me..
now looking the mail-in series.. slowly want complete this casting..
enjoy the pics ;)

Friday, March 2, 2012


  here I want to show what I get during the 3rd annual dinner HWCM at hotel singgahsana PJ, kuala lumpur, malaysia


custom mini dinner car + bone shaker club car
gift from HWCM

 lucky draw set mini's


my hauls during 3rd annual dinner hwcm
-69 dodge charger classic series
-GT40 auto milestone walmart exclusive
-GT40 flying customs series