Thursday, February 23, 2012


last week Hotwheels Collectors Malaysia (HWCM) has been celebrated at this club
at Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.  
This dinner was held to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the club time. very happy dinner this time because collectors from 
singapore and indonesia came with us to celebrate the 3rd annual dinner HWCM..  
Here I show the photos HWCM 3rd annual dinner for your viewing pleasure of all..
Got open sales, silent bid, open bid, custom competition, display poison car, race car and rip session..   
Hope next year more happy and collectors from Asia to join us for next annual dinner..
VENEU : Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya
 DATE : 18th February 2012

Custom Chrome Dairy Delivery with tampo HWCM logo at top for collectors from indonesia.. 
got numbering for this DD.. limited edition

Dinner Car for 3rd annual dinner HWCM..that is Mini chase..only have 1..

Dinner Car for 3rd annual dinner HWCM..that is Ecto-1 chase..only have 1 too..other is white color..


sales during 3rd annual dinner HWCM.. got collectors from indonesia also sell his own hotwheels

all those Mini's for bid aka silent bid..put your bid on box and the highest bidder take the mini..
customizer is mr santonie from HWCM

the winner..
only the chrome he not win.. :D

chrome Ecto-1 for bid..not sure who win for this ecto-1..
customizer is mr daneilh from HWCM..great job bro

 set of 4 cars for bid.. got Chevy Panel, Drag Bus, Dairy Delivery and 65 VW fastback..
customizer is mr jackdy from HWCM.. well done bro 

Dairy Delivery HWCM for bid..
customizer from indonesia collector and the winner bid also from indonesia..
awesome work ;)

custom competition category 1.. 
the winner is custom no 2

custom no 1

custom no 2

 custom no 4

custom competition category 2.. 
the winner is custom no 2

custom BWM 2002 by mr santonie (below)
mr santonie with own custom chrome mini

rip session..


HOTWHEELS collection exhibited during the 3rd annual dinner HWCM

for race car..
got 2 categories.. first race use the car from goodies bag when u come the dinner and 
2nd race is open race..can use other car for race.. 
the winner for 1st race is mr DIN and 2nd race mr HOOD

photo session...

collectors from MALAYSIA, INDONESIA & SINGAPORE together for the 
hope u guys enjoys my photos.. ;)