Tuesday, February 14, 2012



2002 RLC Exclusive Scary Dairy Delivery 
Here is the Hot Wheels Halloween Exclusive Scary Dairy Delivery from 2002. This was the first Hot Wheels to use the new non-pad printed graphics application. All metal body and base. Orange hub real riders. Graphics were done by Miq Willmott.
DD scary bought from mr MARK SHEIKH..many thanks bro

Dairy Delivery flying custom series..
Metalflake Dark Blue with Orange and Yellow flames on sides and top..base malaysia
DD scary bought from mr HAZMY..many thanks bro 

DD holiday rods bought this from mr IQBAL..
Metalflake. Green& Red, w/Silver & Black tampos, 'Happy Holidays' on sides, stripes on sides & roof..
 this car actually got 4 castings..the others casting is gold n blue color.. target to get the two color variant..but not now..for this moment want stop from buying others casting..ehemmm  :D

hope u guys enjoys :)

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